Tip Blockchain

Powering mass adoption of cryptocurrency through discovery of information on the blockchain.

Tip is a third-generation blockchain platform powering mass adoption of cryptocurrency by creating an ecosystem that connects end users and businesses on a network where they can transact easily across international borders. Our solution for end-users provides user-friendly usernames that are easy to remember, and discovery, so it is easy to find other users on the network.

Our vision is to create the most user-friendly and easy to use platform in the cryptocurrency economy, that connects businesses to end users, and removes the technical barriers that users face today when using cryptocurrency. Tip will be a strong catalyst for mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Problem Statement
To illustrate the main problems users face when using cryptocurrencies today, let us present a few scenarios. These scenarios will illustrate how present-day solutions are inadequate for day-to-day use of cryptocurrencies by the average user.

Key Features

  • Smart Addresses
    Send money to friends and family using their username. You can send to @TipToken, instead of 0x28AD00F1CDF1E24900031
  • Merchant Solutions
    Point of sale system for merchants to easily accept cryptocurrency payments from their customers, saving transaction fees and time.
  • Peer-to-Peer Instant Messaging
    Chat with your friends and family over secure peer-to-peer connections and send TIP tokens from right within your conversation.
  • Search and Discovery
    Information on the network is indexed and searchable so users and businesses can find information by searching using our wallet and point of sale apps.
  • Transaction Metadata
    Arbitrary data attached to transactions can be used for various purposes, including identifying info, memos for payments, receipt confirmation and more.
  • Light Mobile and Desktop Wallets
    Our light desktop wallet ensures that you can connect to the Tip network and start sending transactions whether you’re at home, office, or on the go.

Using Cryptocurrency has never been easier :
Once users discover each other and contents on the network, they will be able to freely chat with them over peer-to-peer connections. Transactions can be sent over the wallet interface or directly from chat.

Payment solutions for merchants.
Friendly usernames and transaction metadata give us the power to deliver customized solutions businesses need to make accepting payments in cryptocurrency easy. Our solution for merchants is a Point of Sale (PoS) systems which make managing sales, orders, and customers a breeze.
Powered by search and discovery on blockchain
Cryptocurrency users today have to deal hashed addresses, QR codes, and other contraptions. This creates friction and makes cryptocurrencies seem foreign to the average user.

With Tip Blockchain, users and businesses can register usernames which can then be searched and discovered by other users. They will then be able to transact in a fast, easy, and user-friendly ways.

Tip Blockchain enables ease of use by discovery on the blockchain!
The Solution: Tip Blockchain
Before we get into the details on how the Tip solves the specific problems presented above, let us first understand the solutions the platform provides.

High Level Overview

Addresses The first solution presented by the Tip is unique, user-friendly addresses or address aliases. Each address on the Tip Blockchain is created from a cryptographic hash, just like with Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, this is an implementation detail users should not have to care about. With Tip, users will be able to create human-readable names or aliases on their accounts and transact using these aliases. The network maps the alias to the corresponding address, so transactions are routed correctly to the intended recipient.

An analogy to this issue is if users had to find websites using IP address instead of host names. This would have been an untenable situation that would have hampered mass user adoption of the internet. The Domain Name Service was created, which maps human-readable names such as google.com to the IP address Just as hostnames were a critical feature for mass adoption of the internet, user-friendly address aliases are a critical requirement for mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Transaction Metadata
In addition to address aliases, Tip also provides the ability to attach arbitrary metadata to both accounts and transactions. Actually, attaching an alias to a wallet address can be thought of as a special case of attaching metadata to an address. This metadata can be protocol dependent, such as an alias, or arbitrarily specified by the user. It will be stored in the form of key-value pairs. This metadata would allow for the storage of arbitrary data the user chooses to specify.

Metadata storage on the Tip Blockchain will support both private and public data. Public metadata will be stored in plain text on the network, thus, would be accessible to anyone on the network.

Private data will be encrypted by the account holder and stored on the network. This data can then only be decrypted and viewed by the holder of the private key, the owner of the account.

So now we know that data can be stored alongside addresses and transactions. What can this data be used for?

The Tip Blockchain is a fully indexed, searchable platform. Users will then be able to discover other users and new content on the network by searching through the data using client applications. Network nodes will expose a RESTful API that store and access this information on the network. Decentralized apps (DApps) can then be built to use this RESTful API to discover information. DApps will be able to create their own custom fields and protocols to extend the usability of the platform.

Peer to Peer Instant Messaging
The first DApp built on the Tip Network, by the Tip team will be a wallet app, incorporating several features of the platform. Account aliases, search and instant messaging will be bundled into this wallet application. Instant messaging will be a central feature of the application, as the primary goal of Tip is to drive mass adoption of the Tip Blockchain, and instant messaging provides a way to do that. Users will be able to send transactions directly from within messaging conversations, or by using the traditional wallet interface.

Users can also find other users or businesses by username (alias) by searching the network, and by adding contacts from their phone's address book. Various messaging formats will be supported, including:
  • Text messaging
  • Picture messaging
  • Voice messaging
  • Animated gifs
  • Video calling
All messages will be exchanged over peer to peer connections without being routed through a centralized server.

Point-of-Sale System
At the other end of the spectrum the cryptocurrency adoption problem, is businesses. The solution Tip provides to businesses will be another DApp, built specifically for retailers.

This is a point-of-sale system, which will include features such as:
Transaction management
  • Order management
  • Customer management
  • Sales reporting and analytics
  • Third party integrations
  • How Tip Solves Problem Statement Issues
With the example problem defined earlier, having gone over the high level solutions provided by Tip, we are now ready to consider how Tip solves those issues presented.

Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency
Transactions In the first scenario, Bob needs to send Alice a cryptocurrency transaction to pay her back for lunch she bought him. With the Tip solution Bob has a few options:

Bob asks Alice for her Tip account name. @AliceBlake2000 would be a lot easier to remember than Bitcoin address 16rCmCmbuWDhPjWTrpQGaU3EPdZF7MTdUk.
Bob searches the network's database for Alice using her name. If she has saved this information on her account, he would be able to find her with a simple search, come up with a list of suggestions, and select the correct user. Bob will then be able to confirm Alice's identity by initiating a chat conversation with her. Once Bob and Alice find each other on the network, they can then chat and send transactions easily across the network.
This process is much easier than other cryptocurrency solutions available today.
Small Businesses Accepting Cryptocurrencies
With the Tip solution, Gino's Pizza can put their account alias, @GinosPizzaBaySt on their website. Regulars visitors will get to know the account name off hand. This will also make it possible to take orders over the phone, paid for by TIP Token.
Gino's Pizza will also be able to tie transactions to specific orders or customers using the Tip point-of-sale system.

Contextual Information Around Transactions
Tip Network's transaction metadata fields, allow for additional information to be attached to transactions, which can be used for arbitrary reasons. One obvious use-case of this would be to send identifying information along with transaction.
In the case of Bob ordering pizza over the phone, using the customer management feature of the point of sale system, Gino's Pizza can send a payment request to Bob. The payment request will contain all the information needed to settle the order. Using the Tip wallet app, Bob will be able to attach this order number to the transaction. The wallet app will append the following transaction metadata:

address: BobJones1989
memo: 4
topping extra large pizza order #: 37
price: 19.57 TIP
Once the transaction is received at Gino's Pizza, the point-of-sale System at the pizza shop is immediately able to identify the source address as customer Bob's, and the order this transaction is associated with. The order is then settled with no further work needed on the part of store employees.

The flexibility of the Tip platform means that various customized DApps can be built. These are just some examples of what is possible with the platform. Developers will be able to create a limitless number of applications to utilize the power of discovery on the Tip Blockchain.

The Tip Token

The TIP token, is the unit of account on the Tip network. It is the native currency on the network, thus is used to pay for transactions, storage and other services on the network. TIP is a utility token that the users will be able to use it to:

Transfer between peer to peer.
Use it to buy things in the real world with merchants who accept TIP.
To store data on the Tip decentralized database.
To pay for transaction fees on the network.
Reward developers for creating apps that run on the Tip Network.
To vote for delegates to secure the network.
For delegates to stake their coins and earn staking rewards for securing the network.

The Tip platform provides an ecosystem that will allow users to purchase both digital goods and services on the platform, and also tangible goods in the real world from merchants that accept Tip token.

Total Token Supply - 1,000,000,000 TIP

  • 60 % Token Sale
  • 8% Bounties
  • 10% Team (Lockup)
  • 5% Advisors (Lockup)
  • 17 %Company Reserve (Lockup)
  • Token Type: Ethereum ERC20
  • Purchase with: ETH
  • Base Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 TIP
  • Hard Cap: 46,450 ETH
Token Sale
In order to generate financing to fund the research, development, and marketing of the Tip Blockchain, Tip Inc will be launching a sale of TIP tokens which will be open to the general public. Users will be able to purchase TIP tokens using Ethereum tokens (Ether). The sale price for Tip will be 1 ETH = 10,000 TIP, or 1 TIP = 0.0001 ETH.
The token sale will run for four weeks. During this time, 60% of the total TIP supply will be available for purchase by the general public. Any unsold tokens will be burned.

Bounty Program

Besides purchasing TIP tokens during the token sale, users will be able to acquire TIP tokens by participating in bounty programs that Tip will be launching. More information about bounty programs will be announced on our social media profiles.

Token Emission

Token emission is the rate at which new tokens are generated. In blockchain projects, token emission plays a very important role in securing the network. Public blockchain networks are secured and kept running by operators who run nodes to confirm transactions. As stated earlier, TIP uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus protocol, where delegates are responsible to processing transactions and securing the network. These delegates are rewarded by collecting the transaction fees in blocks they process, as well as the block reward for blocks they mint. The block reward is the reward delegates receive for creating new blocks.

The TIP emission rate will be 24 TIP per block in year 1. This translates to 84,096,000 for the first year, or an 8.4% annual emission rate.
The TIP emission rate is significantly lower than other blockchain projects. For comparison purposes, the maximum block emission rate computed annually for other blockchain projects are: Ethereum 14.97%[5] , Monero: 19.1%[6] , Neo 30%[7] , Lisk: 15.7%

Allocation of Funds


More Info :
Author :
btt username : iwanofc
btt profil : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1032805

MPCX ico

MPCX is a digital blockchain driven financial services platform. Our long term aim is to aggregate all crypto financial services into one place. MPCX is designed to service entities’ and individual’s needs in the areas of digital wealth management, cryptocurrency exchange and trading, digital banking, crypto research and ICO promotion, and crypto lending.

In the short-term, MPCX will create a blockchain driven decentralized ecosystem to manage innovative investors’ portfolios of crypto assets. In light of the current market situation with a huge demand for and a very limited supply of financial management solutions we decided to create the MPCX Platform to service the market opportunities.

MPCX has a significant competitive advantage in that its team and founders together have over 45 years of experience within finance. The resultant expertise and client relationships give MPCX the opportunity to offer unique products tailored to our clients.

The MPCX Platform will be developed in three stages:

  • Jan 2017 – Dec 2018 – digital wealth management platform
  • Dec 2018 – Nov 2019 – cryptocurrency exchange
  • Dec 2019 – Jul 2020 – digital banking and regulated wealth management platforms.

Once the platform is completed, MPCX will offer the following services:
Digital wealth management services
A number of unique crypto products including: investable crypto indices, Digital Smart Investment Mandate (DSIM), P2P crypto lending strategies, crypto ETNs and AI crypto funds.
ICO analytics
A cryptocurrency exchange for the top 100 coins
An MPCX trading terminal
Safekeeping and crypto wallet solutions
Payments and certain banking solutions
Crypto P2P lending
MPCX ICO promotion platform.

The ICO will have several stages including one pre ICO round, to raise funds for MPCX platform development. During the pre ICO round, the XDMC token will be distributed with the maximum discount of all funding rounds. More information about the XDMC Token Sale and various ICO stages are provided in this document.

The graphics below show our analysis of the market:

Intro to the MPCX Platform
MPCX is a digital blockchain driven financial services platform. Our long term aim is to aggregate all crypto financial services into one place.
The platform is designed to service entities' and individual's needs in the areas of digital wealth management, cryptocurrency exchange and trading, digital banking, crypto research and ICO promotion, and crypto lending.

In the short term, MPCX will create a blockchain driven decentralized ecosystem to manage innovative investors' portfolios of crypto assets. Based on the current market situation with a huge demand for the services and very limited financial management solutions we decided to create the MPCX Platform.

The MPCX Platform will be developed in three stages:

  • Jan 2017 – Dec 2018 – the digital wealth management platform
  • Dec 2018 – Nov 2019 – the cryptocurrency exchange
  • Dec 2019 – Jul 2020 – the digital banking and regulated wealth management platforms.

MPCX is a digital blockchain driven financial services platform. At the end of the third stage of the MPCX Platform’s development we will have implemented the following ecosystem:

How does an XDMC referendum work?


Tokenization is a process by which real or digital assets and related rights are registered on a ledger of a specific blockchain. Technically a Token is a unit of registered value.

Total XDMC Token Supply Structure:

General XDMCToken Distribution and Use of Pre ICO proceeds:

  • Pre ICO dates: Pre ICO Dates: 07.05.2018 – 17.06.20181.
  • During Pre ICO round XDMC tokens will be available on the Waves
  • Platform. All Waves based tokens will be replaced with 1:1 Ratio before the 1st ICO round into the Ethereum based XDMC Token.
  • When the Pre ICO Hard Cap is reached, we will cease the sale of tokens.
For more information and join MPCX social media please follow some sources for the following references:
author : iwanofc
btt : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1032805


what is ubex ?
Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange, operating on the basis of neural networks with the use of blockchain and smart contracts.

Greetings to the whole community, I am passionate about the crypto coins and a follower of good projects. In this new publication I would like to present the Ubex project. I'm sure you've heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrencies, ICO ... but Ubex blockchain is the coolest, and for more details we're going to the following topics:

If we observe how society has evolved, from tribal societies we have moved to a different social structure in the modern world where people work in a specialized way and can do so in a global environment, from anywhere in the world due to the advent of technology and Internet.

Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange where companies advertise effectively, while publishers profitably tokenize ad slots on their resources.

To create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of mutual trust and maximum efficiency.

  • Automate the interaction of advertisers’ offers and publishers’ websites
    Using neural networks and accumulated data, select the most relevant advertising content at any given moment in time to a particular user, maximizing the probability of obtaining desired results.
  • Significantly reduce commissions by removing the middlemen
    Eliminate all indirect links between advertisers and publishers by applying smart contracts for all types of tracking, thereby increasing the economic efficiency of cooperation.
  • Create an opportunity for publishers to tokenize ad slots
    Using all available statistics from advertising websites and participants within the exchange, provide a forecast of potential earnings and an opportunity to collect it in advance if the reputation is high enough.
  • Develop a multi-layered system of platform participant reputation rating
    Implement a system of rating advertisers and publishers, which will be stored in the blockchain along with the full history of their operations, to prevent fraud and to enable a mechanism of dealing with the most trustworthy partners.

We present to you the Ubex advertising exchange

Ubex solves the problems of the industry through the use of neural networks and blockchain technology. 

The application of blockchain allows Ubex to use a Pay-Per-Result operating model
Advertising campaign management Detailed reports with data filtering
Export and import of data
Detailed campaign statistics charts
Transparent transaction control through blockchain

New campaign creation
Ability to set end goals
Basic audience targeting for ad displays
Ad format selection
Ability to configure ad settings

Know Your Customer
Advertisers are required to pass the KYC process for account verification:

Provideinformation about the advertiser's company
Upload supporting documents
After the approval it would be possible to kick-off marketing campaigns and configure ads.

Publishers' Section
The functions included in the publishers' application are:

Data Mining
Ad Space Tokenization
Join the Ubex Network
The Publishers' Section is currently under development and its Alpha version will be available on August, 2018, as per the project Roadmap.

Work scheme

Interaction between customers and modules on the Ubex exchange 

Distribution of Tokens
Information on the sale of Tokens
  • Distributed to Community 72%
  • Team&Advisors 15%
  • Reserve 10%
  • Bounty 3%
Token Info
  • Token UBEX
  • Price 1 UBEX = 0.00001 ETH
  • Bonus Available
  • Bounty Available
  • MVP/Prototype Available
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Minimum investment 0.01 ETH
  • Soft cap 4,000 ETH
  • Hard cap 24,000 ETH
  • Country Switzerland
  • Whitelist/KYC KYC
  • Restricted areas USA, North Korea, Iran

Join our team and buy your TOKENS Ubex and enjoy the benefits offered by the most advantageous platform in the market. Do not waste any more time and join our Telegram group so that you can communicate with us and clarify any questions you may have. Do not miss this great opportunity offered by the Ubex project.

Take advantage of the available bonuses from the early stages of pre-sale. (ICO). Visit our WEBSITE so you can find out more about the benefits of this great project.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:
Author: iwanofc
Perfill: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1032805
Myetherwallet: 0x170D89f213EDa7404B9d102A73f3fb94f779233F

RedCab, A Decentralized Global Transportation Platform

RedCab, A Decentralized Global Transportation Platform

RedCab, A decentralized global transportation platform.

RedCab LLC is a company created with the sole purpose of changing the operational exosystem of Transportation. RedCab LLC was founded in mid 2016 and they have also succeeded in launching their own mobile application in 2017. According to the whitepaper, RedCab wants to establish a proper P2P system where both drivers, taxi companies and customers benefit from maximally theough decentralization.

RedCab uses th blockchain technology to efficienty create a better transportation system by reducing cost and also increased security for transactions through decentralization. By the mode of operation, RedCab will find it easy to access the trasnportation system properly yielding optimum perfomance, properly managed risk and also recycling of profit within the ecosystem. The flexibilty of RedCab makes it easy for its functionality to adapt to different geographical zones without any problem, this is one of the core reasons why it will not take much time before it operates globally.

Nowadays, we have seen that the transportation sector has so many issues like insecurity, inconsistency, unreliability and so many more. Although, so many previous models have been created to solve this, but it the end, they still suffer inevitable collateral damage. RedCab is quite different as it provides solution to problems that linger in the trasportation system by creating a business model that offers longterm quality, safey and profit for its users and most especially the drivers too are not left behind.

The RedCab technology will also offer taxi companies and drivers job sustainability without fear of dropping income. Transparency and consistency will also play a major role in the business model which will be achieved by a community driven decentralized solutiom governed by smart contracts. This ensures loyalty and continual usabilty from drivers and cutomers respectively.


There are really interesting services which RedCab offers, it benefits all parties involved in the business. Below are some of the offered services.

  • Car Hailing and Pooling: No need to get stranded looking for cabs for individual trips, family, business or any other associated purpose, with RedCab, you can easily request for a cab.
  • Hotel and Airport Transportation: You can schedule various trips if you are going to hotels, clubs or special uses.
  • Delivery and Pick-up services: if you have food others or to pick up stuffs from one point to another, it only gets easier with RedCab.

For Customers

  • No one enjoys waiting to get cabs for trips and all, RedCab will reduce the waiting time of customers and ensure smooth usage.
  • Lower transportation fare which in turn leads to good savings, and the rate does not fluctuate.
  • The referral program creates opportunities for people to receive moe earnings.
  • Tokens can also be earned throuh proof of marketing

For Drivers

  • There will be extra earning and profit
  • More rides per hour which brings more earnings too
  • Multi options of transportation services
  • Earning tokens through PoD (Proof-of-Driving)
  • There are still so many benefits for users, the hotels and restaurants are not left out ad they can also earn with RedCab through ads and also discount.

RedCab has made sure their business model covers sustainability, affordabilty and security for customers. We no longer have to worry about our trips, delivery orders and so much more that evolves around the transportation system. There will also be 3 categories of Cabs which are

  • Economic Cabs which are really affordable to use and for quick trips.
  • Family Cabs which will be quite bigger in size to occupy more people, suitable for family trips.
  • Luxury Cab mostly for work trips and also business meetings, the luxurism is quite unique.
  • Red Cab which is the classy and distinctive one from others as it will contain only few people, users will pay quite more than the others and drivers will also be able to earn more tokens.
  • The busines model of RedCab LLC ensures that users are not afraid that they are spending more than what is necessary, hence the need for transparency which is why the smart contracts are going to be used. Also, the drivers will not have to worry about revenue being shared or part of their earnings cut off as they will be given the whole 100% accrued from trips.

The RedCab Mobile App will have numerous features one of which is display geo targeted ads for global reach. Users will not have to worry about conversion rate as it will be designed to make ads successful. It is also going to be multi-lingual with about 6 languages which will increase the user experience.
The Mobile App will also be able to schedule rides, users will be able to order for cabs and get the nearest driver within your location. You can also schedule your trips if you are the business type that attends meetings quite often.

RedCab and Blockchain Technology
The RedCab business model will be moved to a decentralized ecosystem which will also be equipped with dApps which will run on P2P as well as blockchain networks. This is to make sure there is no interference from third parties or any single authority. Other features include proof of marketing and proof of driving which provides incentives for drivers as they can earn tokens so far they follow due protocols while driving.

RedCab Token Details and ICO
The token sale will commence on June 1st, 2018 00:00 GMT and will end on August 15th, 2018 23:59 GMT or if the tokens reach hardcap before the closing date.

Tokens distribution

  • Team and Founders - 9%
  • Advisors - 3%
  • Bounty - 1%
  • Private Sale - 7%
  • Presale - 15%
  • Reserved for Proof-Of-Driving & Proof-of-Marketing token generation - 25%
  • Crowd-sale - 40%

Starts 1st June 2018 at 00:00 GMT and ends on 21st June 2018 at 23:59 GMT with early bird investors getting a 15% Bonus till allocated amount is sold out or phase ends.

Main Crowd-Sale:
Starts on 22nd June at 00:00 GMT and ends on 15th August 2018 at 23:59 GMT.
Token Maximum Supply: 100,000,000 REDC
Accepted Currency for Token Sale: Ethereum

  • Token Name: REDC
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: 2143 ETH
  • Exchange: 1 ETH = 2333 REDC
  • Hard Cap: 24529 ETH
  • Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH = 233.3 REDC

REDC will be listed on exchanges that are regulated and have proof of reserves, including the Korean, Japanese and other globally recognized major exchanges.

More Info :

ENDO Protokol Untuk Verifikasi Data yang Aman


Verifikasi data adalah suatu proses di mana berbagai jenis data diperiksa untuk akurasi dan inkonsistensi setelah migrasi data dilakukan.Ini membantu untuk menentukan apakah data diterjemahkan secara akurat ketika data ditransfer dari satu sumber ke sumber lainnya dan mendukung proses dalam sistem baru.Selama verifikasi,mungkin ada kebutuhan untuk menjalankan paralel kedua sistem untuk mengidentifikasi area disparitas dan mencegah hilangnya data yang salah.Jenis Verifikasi Data adalah data entri ganda dan proofreading.Proofreading data melibatkan seseorang yang memeriksa data yang dimasukkan terhadap dokumen asli,ini juga memakan waktu dan mahal.

Apa itu ENDO ?

ENDO adalah Protokol yang memecahkan masalah pelacakan informasi bersertifikat dan penyimpanan data terenkripsi.Ekosistem Endo memungkinkan organisasi dan pengguna untuk berpartisipasi dalam pertukaran informasi dan layanan melalui Endo Token.Semua aplikasi sistem ini memiliki satu tujuan untuk menciptakan satu lingkungan yang aman dan tersertifikasi untuk semua data penting.Semua informasi pribadi,perusahaan dan publik,tentang pendidikan,identitas,rekam medis dan sejenisnya dapat dikontrol melalui platform Endo https://endo.im/

Protocol Endo yang menggunakan teknologi Blockchain internal dan pembacaan data dan verifikasi dokumen otomatis dirumah integrasi,akan membantu melindungi perusahaan,lembaga dan individu dari penipuan.ENDO akan memiliki database informasi faktual di seluruh dunia tentang riwayat pekerjaan kandidat dari departemen sumber daya manusia organisasi,pada dasarnya dapat bertindak sebagai perpanjangan dari HR.Platform ENDO akan memvalidasi dan memverifikasi informasi karyawan yang baru direkrut untuk menghindari penipuan.

Solusi yang ditawarkan ENDO adalah layanan verifikasi data otomatis yang memungkinkan untuk memeriksa keaslian merek,obat-obatan dan produsen makanan,dokumen,termasuk paspor,paspor asing,surat izin mengemudi,foto-foto permanen,visa kerja dan secara virtual apa pun yang anda pikirkan.ENDO adalah alat yang hebat untuk memeriksa kredensial internasional,menggunakan beberapa sumber data teruji dan memungkinkan untuk memverifikasi identitas klien dengan cepat,bahkan atas dasar informasi minimal.Di satu sisi,ENDO mengotomatiskan proses dan menghemat waktu dan uang dan di sisi lain memungkinkan untuk menerima pelanggan baru,meningkatkan kualitas layanan,untuk menghindari penipuan dan mengurangi tingkat risiko.

Ekosistem Terdiri dari 5 lapisan yang berhubungan

  • Blockchain + Storages
    Informasi disimpan dalam berbagai repositori : Dropbox,Storj,Amazon,IPFS, server FTP / SSH.
  • Protokol
    Menentukan aturan untuk interaksi lapisan ekosistem.
  • Platform
    Menerapkan logika desentralisasi verifikasi, pertukaran data dan sirkulasi token.
  • Aplikasi
    Aplikasi berbasis platform yang dikembangkan untuk pengguna dan bisnis.
  • API
    Antarmuka terbuka untuk membuat aplikasi dan mengotomatisasi logika bisnis.
Versi alpha dari aplikasi berbasis ENDO pertama telah diluncurkan dan berhasil beroperasi dengan beberapa perusahaan pembinaan,transportasi dan pengiriman dan universitas terbesar di Eropa.Fungsi dasar yang tersedia untuk klien termasuk pembuatan dan publikasi dokumen dalam jaringan percobaan, pembatalan prosedur,konfirmasi dokumen terdistribusi,pengunggahan dan alokasi,serta antarmuka Pemrograman Aplikasi terbuka (API) dan protokol standar industri untuk otorisasi OAuth untuk memastikan cara yang mudah dan aman untuk mempublikasikan dan berinteraksi dengan data aman dan integrasinya dengan lembaga.

EToken adalah token utilitas intra-platform,EToken adalah satu-satunya mata uang yang dapat digunakan untuk membayar biaya verifikasi dan pertukaran data antara pengguna sistem.Jika pengguna memutuskan untuk menyimpan data pada server pihak ketiga atau untuk menyimpan hash di Blockchain lainnya,pengguna membayar dengan ET yang ditukarkan dengan mata uang lainnya.

Pengguna membutuhkan ENDO Token untuk membayar organisasi atas layanan yang mereka berikan melalui platform.Token ENDO dapat diperoleh melalui berbagi informasi.Organisasi dapat menggunakan ET untuk membeli dan menjual data,tersedia di Platform ENDO.Jika itu data yang terjual adalah data pengguna,maka pengguna mendapatkan% dari ET atau memilih keluar,memilih untuk tidak mengizinkan untuk pertukaran data pribadi mereka.

Jika anda tertarik dan hendak berpartisipasi dengan proyek ini dan melakukan pembelian Token silahkan kunjungi LINK https://token.endo.im/login untuk pembuatan Wallet,sedangkan untuk keterangan selanjutnya anda bisa bergabung dengan grup sosial media untuk bertanya langsung dengan adminnya.

Info lengkap :

Certore is an open standardization and certification platform.


Certore is an automatic system for developing standards and certificates based on the flow of events. Its common problems are described in the field under consideration, which can be solved using the proposed system. The problem of providing certain parts of the system with successful communication and interaction, the definition of criteria for measuring quality, as well as the constituent parts for its effective functioning, occurs with each development and development of a certain area.



Certore portal has focus on automatization and reducing of possible harmful human impact on SCEBAS or directly on standards development and implementation process

    Place for implementation development and acceptance part of standardization process, if standard can be detected as related to economical or/and has more features, which can be determined as economical characteristics, then technical.
    Space for standards and certificates development and acceptance, if certificate or standard can be determined as technical or/and has more features and capabilities, which can be determined as technical characteristics, then economical.
    Area for implementation, development and acceptance as part of certification and standardization process, if standard can not be detected as related to economical, technical or/and has more features, which can be determined as undefined characteristics, then technical or economical.


Standardization and certification event-based system
A key feature of Certore is standardization and certification event based automatic system (SCEBAS) for standards and certificates development events flow control and acceptance, which ensures human influence isolation with further undesirable consequences avoidance. Common process of standard development can be represented by using events chain, where each next event could be triggered back in case not matching conditions; respectively, event flow is finished if certain interaction occurs. For example, an event is triggered back twice, that marks event flow as excessive and causes standard acceptance termination despite the fact that standard is not implemented. Rules and description for standard development will be provided by Certore and open community and accepted using web-portal having Certore as intermediary, implementer and generator but not a decision-making institution. This will allow providing desirable process transparency, substantiality and capability to balance preservation during possible outer interruption cases or other types of impact on organized system.


Common process of standard development can be represented by using events chain, where each next event could be triggered back in case not matching conditions



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GLITZKOIN – first diamond blockchain


What is Glitzkoin?

Integrating the latest blockchain technology into the diamond industry supply chain. Changing the landscape of the $90 billion Diamond Industry, one diamond at a time.

  • Cutting out the middleman
    Establishing trust directly between buyer and seller by removing brokers and middlemen.
  • Decentralised storage of records
    Paperless records and attributes of each diamond are securely stored on the blockchain.
  • Eliminating Fraud
    No chance of product misrepresentation, and fraudulent transactions.
  • Seamless cross border transactions
    Enabling international transactions by removing currency conversions and other bank fees.

The diamond industry has existed as a separate industry for more than 100 years. Despite its development, huge investment, it also has some problems. For example, for several decades there is a need to ensure greater transparency and objectivity. The trust between the seller and the buyer of expensive products will increase. The developers of the GLITZKOIN platform are confident that the Blockchain technology and the implementation of the cryptocurrency into this sector will bring the diamond industry on a new level.

Service features GLITZKOIN

GLITZKOIN is an innovative platform created for a diamond trading. Thanks to using of cryptocurrency, transaction participants will appreciate the simplicity of financial calculations. The developers will pay special attention to the security and transparency of operations. These parameters will be provided by Blockchain technology. The GLITZKOIN platform also guarantees quality connection between the seller and the buyer of diamonds. The geographical position of the participants will not matter.
The GLITZKOIN platform can be useful for many participants of the diamond market. The benefits of using this platform can be obtained:

  • Mining company’s;
  • Retailers, consumers;
  • Diamond product certification centers;
  • Professional diamond polishers.

If GLITZKOIN team will be able to attract all the participants listed above, users will be provided with the maximum simplicity, efficiency of transactions. All data that will be used for work within the framework of the platform will be securely protected. Service developers pay special attention to privacy.

Advantages of the GLITZKOIN platform

The GLITZKOIN service will have many advantages that are guaranteed to attract new users. Experts will use blocks that will be resistant to hacker attacks and it will protect data. In addition, trade secrets, features of transactions will be encrypted and securely hidden from the eyes of competitors. Among the most significant advantages of the GLITZKOIN platform are:

  • Convenience for all participants: GLITZKOIN will integrate seamlessly into applications and existing business processes. Special technical knowledge will not be needed to work on the platform;
  • Maximum network security: the supply chain at the GLITZKOIN site will be perfectly safe. All untrusted members will be removed from it;
  • Access to transaction history: records of transaction history will allow customers to prove their reliability and demonstrate a worthy place in the rating;
  • Possibility to use third-party offers: GLITZKOIN will allow companies to create individual supply chains quickly. Data about the sender and recipient will remain protected.

All agreements, transaction history will be stored in the block chain. It will be possible to create a completely transparent register of the history of the diamond trade. The concluded contracts will be P2P-based. This will allow traders to make profitable investments in the purchase of diamonds.

Elements of the platform GLITZKOIN

The full operation of the platform will be ensured by several elements. The first of these is the GLITZKOIN wallet. Thanks to it, users will be able to control the available tokens, as well as get acquainted with the history of transactions. Sellers will also be able to see cumulative payments and other important information. Another important element is the API. It provides users with access to different types of services. You can perform the necessary actions through a personal computer, laptop or mobile phone. Thanks to the GLT crypt, a new standard of quality for trading precious stones will be established. Buyers and sellers of diamonds will receive their benefits when working at the site GLITZKOIN.


The sale of GLT tokens is carried out from March 16 to June 25, 2018. During the sale, the rate will be as follows: 1 GLT = 0,2 USD. To purchase tokens GLT needs to be put in the right amount the crypt BTC or ETH, XLM. The minimum purchase amount is 100 USD.

How the GLT token will be distributed

Road Map

  • Q4 2017
    Initial Spark followed by Background Research
    Development of Initial Concepts and Diamond Industry Outreach
    White Paper and Design Prototypes
  • Q1 2018
    Project Scope, Token Use Case Design and Token Economics
    Core Founding Team on Board
    Company in Stealth Mode & Registered in Estonia
    Website and Technical Architecture
  • Q2 2018
    Launch of Public Token Sale
    Conclusion of Token Sale and Distribution of Tokens
    Diamond exchange development
    Start global marketing effort
  • Q3 2018
    GLT token listing on crypto exchanges
    Beta testing of diamond exchange platform
    Development of Global Diamond Track & Trace System
  • Q4 2018
    Decentralized Exchange Deployment
    Global Diamond Track and Trace System Deployment
    Bug fixes and Enhancements to deployed systems
  • Q1 2019
    Adding more features/tools to GlitzKoin diamond exchange
    Continued marketing to increase GlitzKoin awareness
The GLITZKOIN project is very promising-this is my opinion. After all, the diamond industry regularly brings a large income, replenishing the Treasury of different countries. So, its development will be carried in future. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in ICO GLITZKOIN. If the guys from the team develop the site in accordance with the roadmap, the price of the GLT token will grow in the near future. On the official website you can find all the latest information.

More Info

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