Change is a crypto bank that guarantees you as a trusted and decentralized bank


In recent years, technology has affected several industries. Companies like Uber, AirBnB, and Netflix have been the pioneers of change and disruption, reconsidering the transport, accommodation and entertainment sectors with new and creative business models. The banking industry, on the other hand, has not seen much of customer innovation and finance still in control of a handful of established players operating in a very traditional way.

However, along with technological advances, innovation has quickly filled the financial gap that connects finance and technology (FinTech) to deliver propositions that better suit the needs and desires of society. Some examples of what's called FinTech include: Transferwise, Betterment, Oscar, Lufax, ZhongAn, etc. The future of the bank not only offers hidden crypto payments but also has a fully integrated FinTech market.

What is Change?
Change is a crypto bank offering a wide range of financial services including a bank card, investment opportunities on a global marketplace, cryptocurrencies, insurance and more.

Vision and Mission

For an all-in-one platform for financial services is not geographically bound by the border.

Change Current Account

What is Change wallet ?
The Change wallet is a multi-asset blockchain wallet supporting a growing number of cryptocurrencies. Users are able to send and receive cryptocurrencies as well as pay for products and services to merchants accepting Masterdcard payments.

How does Change wallet work ?
The wallet is created seamlessly upon signing up with Change. Users can access their wallets through the Change phone app. Payments and investments can be easily made through the app by entering the recipient's address or by using a QR-code. Cryptocurrency balances can be checked simiarly to the bank mobile apps.

Are my funds safe ?
Change wallets are secured by applying the highest industry standards. The funds are secured by a combination of hot and cold storage solutions. Change user wallets are further protected by multi-signature (P2SH) solution providing high security and HD features providing additional privacy.

How do I set up my account ?
Setting up an accounty with Change is quick and easy. Simply download the app, key in required details and your account along with the blockchain wallet is all set up.

How do I transfer cryptocurrencies to my Change account ?
Upon setting up an account with Change, every user receives a wallet address. If a user has assets in other wallets, they can just transfer them to the new wallet using the address provided by Change.

Change Card

What is Change Card ?
The change card is Mastercard, card which enables change users to spend cryptocurrencies to by goods and services and withdraw funds ATMs all ove the wold card users can spend every supported digital asset in the Change wallet, with the list of supported assets growing steadily.

How do real world payments wih cryptocurrencies ?
Change users are not required to convert their crypto assets into fiat in order to pay to merchants or withdraw cash from ATM. Upon payment or cash withdrawal, the system checks whether the user has a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency their wallets and deducts this amount from user's wallet. Conversion from cryptocurrencis to fiat is done according to the exchange rate of the partnering cryptocurrency exchange. These rates are displayed to card isers real time inside the app.

Where is Change card accepted ?
The Change Card is accepted by any merchant accepting Mastercard, which amounts to million of online and offline locations worldwide.

What are the benefits of using Change Card ?
Any time a user makes a payment using Change Card, he or she well receive a 0,05% rebate in the form of Change Coin. The rebate will double if the user pays using Change Coin. This incentive benefits coin users and holders, as it ensures that the currency is constantly being traded, making it more desirable and valuable.


What is Change Marketplace ?
The Change marketplace allows users to invest into stocks, P2P loans, real-estate or other investments directly from the Change mobile app.

What does Change Marketplace do different ?
The Change Marketplace allows investors to access a wide range of investment services while performing KYC just once and depositing funds into a single wallet. Upon doing this, investors access all services at once and control their entire portofolio from a single dashboard.

How do I invest ?
Investing is simple. Users will access the marketplace through the Change phone app, they then scan for investment opportunities, find an investment they like and decide upon the investment sum. Upon investing, the user will send cryptocurrencies into the designated wallets.

How can high growth companies join the Marketplace ?
The Change app has an API TPSPs can use to integrate their offerings with Change. TPSP requests can be sent to Change via our contact us page.

Are my investment safe ?
Change wallets and investment accounts are secured by industry standard security solutions both on the blockchain side and the TPSP side.

Partnering with a Digital Government 
Change has partnered with the most advanced digital society in the world, the e-Residency initiative by the government of Estonia. This highly ambitious project is revered among global nomads and supporters of decentralization, including Tim Draper and Edward Lucas.

What is E-Residency ?
e-Residency grew out of a "start-up" created by the Estonian government, a small but intelligent European Union state. Estonian is known to have the most advanced e-governance system, digital identity and strong digital signatures, but also only 1, 3 million people. So as an incentive to share its services, while increasing its de facto population, Estonia developed e-Residency. What started out as an idea today has evolved into a project known worldwide with over 21 thousand satisfied users. Estonia has set a target of 10 million e-residents by 2025.

In short, e-Residency gives you a digital identity in the EU It can be used to start a company, open a bank account Submit your taxes, sign documents etc. without physically being near the EU.

By focusing on global nomads, e-Residency allows users to use the service digitally, without the need for on-board (KYC) over and over. This common value is the basis of a partnership between Change and e-Residency.

Fintechs Network
Change has regular community meetings to understand which services are most demanded by the crypto community (like this). Listening to our users, we started building a standard API for investment diversification. We currently integrate three leading FinTech startups in Singapore, and we look forward to rejoining in the future via our open API.

There are three companies working with Fintech's network :
Smartly is a robo adviser based in Singapore, trusted by over 5000 Singaporeans. Smartly has a service that holds Capital Markets Services licenses and is governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
Danabijak is FinTech's finest peer-to-peer finance company in Indonesia, with thousands of loans granted, and growing consistently 50% every month.
BitOfProperty is a joint real estate investment platform established in Estonia and currently based in Singapore.

Change Coin

Change Coin is a carefully engineered crypto currency to be the main currency in all Change ecosystems, facilitating the transfer of funds between different investment opportunities and financial services. It can also be used to make online and offline purchases with Change Card, while users enjoy the special benefits of using it.
Making coins allow Change is supported by investors from around the world through ICO. This investor will have access to Change Coin at the time of its creation. Going forward, the Change Coin will be traded on the main exchange, in addition to the widely known crypts such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin. We hope Change Coin is universally accepted outside the Change ecosystem, as new communities and FinTech are integrated.

Benefits of Change Coin
Every time the user makes a payment online or offline using the Change Card, he will receive a 0.05% discount in the form of Change Coin. Rebates will double if users pay using Change Coin. The benefit of this incentive for users and coin holders, as it ensures that the currency is constantly trading, makes it more desirable and valuable. For example, a user who spends 3000 Change Coin on a brand new laptop will receive a 3 Change Coin discount.

What is Token Sale
A token sale is the launch of a sale of a new cryptocurrency or token created by a company to the earliest adopters, in exchange for funding for further development. It is a quick way to bypass traditional funding routes, which are much slower, to gain access to funds in order to speed up development.

Token Sale Summary
  • Token is Change Token
  • Ticker Symbol is CAG
  • Period 
  1. Pre-sale   : 09/09/17 10PM Singapore time
  2. Sale         : 16/09/17 - 16/10/17
  • Pre–sale Terms :
  1. 50,000 ETH allocated for pre-sale
  2. Minimum investment of 10 ETH
  3. Up to 30% discount for early investors
  • Exchange Rate 1 ETH is 500 CAG
  • Limits is 200,000 ETH (Hard Cap)
  • Minimum Investment is 0.5 ETH
  • Accepted Cryptos/ Currencies is ETH
  • Token Holder Benefits is Stated above
  • Sweeteners
          "Change Investor" card (limited to first 500 who invest at least 50 ETH)
          "Change Maker" card (limited to 100 largest investors)
  • % of Token sold in this sale is 40%
  • Sale Bonuses
          Main Sale :  first 24hrs 20%, 1st week 15% and 2nd week 10%
  • Escrow of Funds is Multi-signature Escrow Wallet, 2 out of 3 signatories
  • Nationality
         Anyone except Singapore, Estonia and the US due to legal restrictions or countries trade                      sanctioned by the US.

Use of Funds
While running a lean set of little to no hierarchy teams, Change has set ambitious targets with its ICO. This means that after the ICO we will be expanding our teams, as well as creating new teams to fulfill a wide set of goals set. The management team has identified an extensive list of tech, legal, financial, marketing etc. candidates to embark on the journey.


What is Initial Coin Offering?
An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Is the launch of a new crypto currency sale or token made by the company to the original user, in return for funding for further development. This is a quick way to bypass traditional, much slower, traditional funding routes to gain access to funds to accelerate development.

Why is an ICO ?
We believe that society plays an important role to be a global people's crypto bank. Therefore, we want our community to participate in our future growth through this form of funding, as opposed to traditional business funds that limit investment to elite minorities.

Furthermore, to provide our users a seamless cryptocurrency payment experience, high quality offerings and a variety of integrations, we require additional funding. New funds will help us launch the product, enlarge the tech team, hire legal and administrative staff and form new partnerships.

How is this ICO different ?
The Change team is uniquely positioned to follow through on this ambitious project. The effort is spearheaded by 3 experienced financial tehnology CEOs and supported by industry professionals and established mentors in the industry. Financial technology companies in this project are licensed by a variety of Southeast Asian Financial regulators, most notably the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The Change company is based in Singapore a global financial and innovation hub. It is a well-suited location for finding world class developers, financial industry experts and other key competencies to help this project succeed.

When will your ICO take place ?
The Change Token Sale will start on the 10th of September 7PM SGT time. The pre-sale will take place a few weeks prior to the sale with the exact date and time to be announced soon via email.
Make sure you are subscribed to Change's updates.

How do I Invest in Change's ICO ?
To take part of the Token Sale you will have to send ether or bitcoin to a predestined address. Due to security concerts, this address will be shown promptly prior to the launch of the
pre-sale. It is advised to triple-check the public address upon sending ether to make sure funds are not mistakely sent to an address with very similar character used by bad actors.

Token Structure

The change was established in early 2016 in Singapore, one of the largest financial centers in Asia. Shortly thereafter, angel investors supported the proposition with an investment of over USD 200,000, and FinTech starters in the region joined the group. In 2018, Change is set to launch the first global 

For more information, you can visit our website or you can join our community below:

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