Soma, this is a social trading platform that operates on the basis of blocking technology. Soma provides beneficial cooperation to the participants of the platform. Using Soma community tokens (SCT), platform developers will encourage participants. Now simply, Soma will create a social network and a trading platform in one product. The main tasks of the project are to implement interactive product maps, secure payments and a system of social awards. So the question is “Why soma?
Most small sellers face the problem of lack of marketing, especially when it comes to old products. While current online markets do their best to help customers find the products they want, there is room for improvement. Research shows that no matter how much a merchant invests in promoting his or her product, what is meaningful at the end of the day is the amount of social media paying attention to their product. Small and large companies are also turning to viral marketing because people involved in social media are more important than making them view your banners on an irrelevant website.


  1. Secure payments.
Security will be implemented on blocking technology, which has the following advantages:
  • Unchanged — the block is keeping records of all the changes that have been made and can not be changed.
  • Protection against data hacking — each computer has a copy of the database and to change the data it is necessary to simultaneously change the information on 51% of the participating computers simultaneously, which is almost impracticable.
  • Reliability — for a crash, you must simultaneously stop all computers participating in the Ethereum block system, which is unlikely.
2. Interactive map of goods.
Maps will be a digital display of physical goods. The card will contain information about the owner, condition and authenticity of the goods, and the history of the price. The created card can only be changed by the owner (the one who bought it), but each record and each change will remain in a history that can not be changed, which is guaranteed by the technology of blocking.
3. System of social awards.
The owner can choose the platform participants to promote their goods. Promotion of the goods consists in simple actions on the social platform, such as subscription, post, repost, messages, etc. When the owner assigns a promotion, a certain amount of tokens is transferred from his account to the prize contract and remains there until a purchase occurs or the owner renounces the promotion. If the purchase of the goods has occurred, then the promotion agent receives tokens from the prize contract, and if the promotion is canceled, then the agent receives a small compensation from the prize contract, and the owner all the remaining tokens from the prize contract.

Benefits you stand to get from Soma

Asides the aforementioned, soma is a platform that will encourage people to like, share and promote your products in the online peer marketplace. The main benefit to this is that you will not have to pay in advance for an ad campaign. In addition, your product will be shared by real people and be seen by people who are truly interested in the product — in the end you can say ‘no’ to the program or pay for clicks.

About Token sale and distribution

The last 6,000,000 SCT units will be used for growth, such as marketing and rewarding active community members. Note that the pre sale bonuses are paid out of this (6,000,000 SCT) fund.
As for the ICO round — the funds will be utilized as follows:
35% Marketing and area launches
20% Product development and technology
20% Legal issues and patents
15% Operational team
10% Community reward (We’ll reward the ambassadors and marketers of the community)

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