Altocar - Organizational Taxi With The Digital Economy

Altocar - Organizational Taxi With The Digital Economy

What is Altocar?

AltoCar is a company established in Kazan, Russia and about two years it has been a relatively good success. Over the years, not a few companies have shifted from standard fundraising to more sophisticated approaches using methods like Initial Coin Offerings and AltoCar is one such company.

About Altocar
Unlike some other similar companies, AltoCar provides an opportunity for their customers to add their favorite drivers and solely using the services of these drivers. Their goal is to expand their business to 13 more cities in 18 months and that's when AltoCar ICO came to the scene.

AltoCar has informed that their ICO campaign will be held in four stages with stage one being a presale in which they will realize an element of the AltoCar token or abbreviated ALTC. The presale period has been completed but the main period of this campaign will not open until October 10, 2017 and will be held until November 10, 2017.

From November 2017 to January 2018, the company plans to realize the digital economy into their service that will cause them to introduce their branches in two more cities. The final phase of their ICO campaign will open in January 2018 and will be completed in March 2019 which is the period when they plan to introduce their services in eleven cities in the country.

AltoCar uses the Wave platform for their ICO campaign and is based on the ALTC or AltoCar benchmarks that investors must buy in order to participate in the campaign. The starting value of the token AltoCar is $ 1. The total number of tokens available is 32,000,000 with 300,000 tokens that have been sold around the presale stage in the campaign.

The balance of 21.76 million ALTOCAR tokens will be available around the sales period that opens on October 10, 2017. Thirty percent of the token amount or 9.6 million to be exact, will still go into the domestic economy and founder of the company. The token purchases issued and marketed in this campaign will be open within 18 months of the end of the ICO campaign. In this matter, it is urgent to pronounce that the exchange rate for 1 token would be $ 2.


  • Quick callQuickly call the car with the driver
    through the mobile application.
  • Plan tripsPlan trips, getting the drivers you
    are accustomed to.
  • Driver locationTrack the location of the called
    driver on the map.
  • Personal driversAdd favorite drivers to 'Favorites'. In the future, while ordering a service, the user gets the nearest free driver from his/her list.
  • Drivers for friendsShare trusted drivers with friends
    and family.
  • PaymentPay for the trip with a bank card,
    bonus points or tokens.

The pre-sale period of the campaign also displays the amount of bonuses investors get for purchasing the token. The number of bonuses for investors who buy token around the first week is 45 percent while for those who buy token around the second week is 40 percent. The third week of the presale period shows 35 percent while the fourth week of the presale period shows a 30 percent bonus.
During the sales period, the first week of sales will show a 25 percent bonus, while the second week will show 20 percent, third week 15 percent, and 10th-week bonus of 10 percent on the token purchased. In order to purchase ALTC tokens, investors must create their own pockets on the WAVES platform because this is one of the requirements that creates a secure investor interest.

Investors who purchase tokens will be able to use the token for their trip and the token will show a discount for investor travel. Investors will have the opportunity to find an extra token by watching ads around the journey. It is important to pronounce that the WAVE platform does not show the option of not allowing the presence of this token in the DEX exchange and therefore, the output of this token will be present in the investor's individual account seven days after the ICO. campaign is done

ALTOCAR economic scheme
Token - sale / purchase / token calculation
Bonus tokens receive to reach KPI
Fiat - calculation in fiat
Free travel - for token holders
The service economy works together on tokens and fiat currencies

  • PresaleImplementation of 300,000 ALTOCAR tokens. Period: July 10, 2017 to August, 10, 2017. (successfully completed,
    Raised 300,000 USD)
  • ICO
    Carry out the remaining tokens inside ICO. During the period from October 10, 2017 to November, 10, 2017.
  • November 2017 - January 2018Implementation of the digital economy into the Service. Launch in 2 cities. Pack the franchise.
  • January 2018 - March 2019
    Launched in 13 million-population of Russian cities. Sales of franchises in 20 cities in the world.
Total income of $ 500,000 (28 million rubles).
With the help of fundraising at ICO, we plan to realize this service in 13 million Russian cities in 18 months.
Tokens will be used to find free trips, significant discounts for travel. For drivers and partners, tokens will be included in the bonus program.

Start the course
equivalent to $ 1
Return token purchases issued and marketed will be implemented 18 months after the completion of ICO (with a 1 token exchange rate equivalent to $ 2) with the following rules
Total token amount
32 000 000
Quantity around PRESALE stage

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