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Every year, the fast advancement of advances brings totally extraordinary inventive answers for people everywhere throughout the world to help their nature of living. In now is the right time, one in everything about advances was digital web whose key perform comprises of learning trade between clients. Today, the information transmission speed, measures of data, and direct accepting data blend the creative ability. As technique back as twenty years past, digital web was totally out there to developers and workstation nerds. Today, we have a tendency to tend to witness the methodology the new innovation called Blockchain is rising and creating. This innovation is to give rise to conditions to web clients to make positive that data is taken care of securely and straightforwardly. Regardless of the specific obvious truth that the innovation is by and by fairly capable to comprehend, our group solidly trusts that its prosperity and universal scope ar simply around the bend. Hence, we have a tendency to have a tendency to made up our brain to make a venture that will permit a continuous reconciliation of the Blockchain into clients' way of life.

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Even though we tend to tend to try and don't appear to be the first or last to do to know our ambition, we tend to tend to ar filled with optimism and enthusiasm to rank among people who develop new infrastructure. we tend to tend to determined to, return up with and implement daring ideas and decisions that at the tip of the day, will facilitate produce people's life easier around the world. an excellent example for our aim is that the success of Amazon and Ebay companies that have forever changed the mercantilism rules among the B2C and C2C sector. Today, we'd want to introduce you to the platform that will allow you to need a significant success among the electronic commerce trade. By victimization new payment instruments and progressive technologies of information exchange and storage, we've created the platform sanctionative the safe and straightforward on-line exchange of product and services, the Bazista platform.


Bazista is associate degree exchange platform for B2C and C2C that uses new technologies of settlement of transactions between users. Our service permits a user to easily exchange necessary merchandise and services for cryptocurrency by interacting with different platform users. Bazista will comprise all strengths of some market giants like eBay, Amazon and Alibaba (rating system, payment depositing, delivery following, and dealing arbitration) and convey this business part to a replacement technology level as a results of using up-to-date exchange instruments.

Bazista may well be a rival to the exclusive localized platform for mercantilism, C2C OpenBazaar. the excellence includes the sleek development of the platform that boasts a userfriendly interface aimed to switch, to an explicit realizable extent , the tactic of exchange of merchandise and services by using product promotion technology through different platform users. Our net interface is custom to any operative systems and might modify users to post advertisements and obtain merchandise in exactly some clicks. The Bazista platform is here to help you post your ad using your mobile device by taking some photos of the merchandise or service offered. we have a tendency to tend to pay shut attention to safety of any transactions created with the utilization of the platform. to realize these goals, we have a tendency to tend to use a elaborate user system. it's internal tokens system that will be crucial to the formation of that system. By showing their loyalty to the platform users will get additional blessings (discount on merchandise, access to distinctive offers and commission-free transactions).


  • 321 200 000 BZS (73%) - Crowdsale
  • 66 000 000 BZS (15%) - Founder and team
  • 17 000 000 BZA (4%) - Marketing campaign inside Bazista
  • 13 200 000 BZS (3%) - Pre-Ico
  • 12 200 000 BZS (3%) - Advisor
  • 8 800 000 BZS (2%) - Bounty Pool


Web based business is one by and large the quickest developing innovative markets among the globe. Such snappy development is essentially a result of brisk worldwide extensive utilization of broadband (settled and versatile) access to digital web. nowadays we tend to square quantify ready to see yearly development of an offer of internet business all through the world. in accordance with eMarketer, in 2017, everything spent on-line needing will increment to $2,290 billion, and by 2021, it will remain at 16 PF of the brimming with world retail exchange. in accordance with experts, China is expected to at present hold driving positions as an impetus of the world web based business advertise (26% for each annum), uniquely, in light of fare on-line retail mercantilism. entirely unexpected creating nations, similar to state (24%), Asian country and state (more than 20%), unit of estimation anticipated that would point high rates of development. demography and fast, complete utilization of portable net unit of estimation enter components of development in these areas. in accordance with examination, the following unit of estimation TOP10 nations for the quantity of (settled and portable) web use:

  • China – 710 million clients, 
  • India – 350 million clients, 
  • The USA – 277 million clients, 
  • Japan – 100 10 million clients, 
  • Brazil – 100 10 million clients, 
  • Russia – eighty four million clients, 
  • Germany – seventy 2 million clients, 
  • Indonesia – seventy one thousand clients, 
  • Nigeria – seventy one thousand clients, 
  • México – fifty 9 million clients. 

Considering the insights specified over, a group of mercantilism stage designers concentrates on transportation in new business from nations in South-East Asia, BRICS nations, and the EU. relate expanded have practical experience in stage clients on the Eurasian landmass will alter diminishing give costs and customer conveyance time.

  • 1Q 2017
    Team building. E-commerce and cryptocurrency market research.
  • 1Q 2017
    Bazista platform concept.
  • 2Q 2017
    Draft of White paper.
  • 2Q 2017
  • Pre-seed investments in order to develop Bazista platform prototype.
  • 3Q 2017
  • Draft of White paper.
  • November 16
  • Pre-ICO launch.
  • 4Q 2017
  • Roll out of the Bazista MVP.
  • December 4
    ICO launch
  • 1Q 2018
    Promotion campaign in India and Asia Pacific region.
  • 2Q 2018
    Bazista beta release
  • 2Q 2018
    Retailers recruitment campaign launch.
  • 3Q 2018
    Bazista neural network and AI test integration.
  • 4Q 2018
    Finalising Bazista platform web and mobile app.
  • 4Q 2018
    Marketing analytics dashboard launch.
  • 4Q 2018
    Mass market adoption.
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