crowdsourced ecosystem for travel concierge service and lifestyle managemen


MeetnGreetMe is a distributed stage for movement attendant service and way of life administration where each explorer can ask for administrations custom-made to their movement needs and spending plan. All conveyed by creative neighborhood individuals.

From meeting upon landing and going with amid the stay to assisting with sorting out a single man gathering and discovering business contacts, nearby MeetnGreeters are full to convey an extensive variety of customized administrations to enable worldwide voyagers to venture out joyful and spare to time for things that issue.

MeetnGreetMe is a worldwide biological system where each explorer can ask for administrations customized to their movement needs and spending plan. Conveyed by ingenious neighborhood individuals and paid by means of blockchain empowered distributed installment framework.

Consolidating shared cooperations and progressed examination we go for delivering profoundly customized conduct based offers and changing travel understanding into extremely customized involvement around the globe.

Blockchain based travel & hospitality ecosystem

  • Participants
    MeetnGreeters and all users of the platform who produce a MeetnGreetMe related value or benefit from using it.
  • Interactions
    The core value of the platform. All the interactions are built on the core interaction – creation and transfer of P2P travel concierge services.
  • Platform
    An infrastructure for the value creation and value exchange between participants.
  • WelcomeCoin
    Crypto coins are issued to fuel MeetnGreetMe economy, encourage and incentivise desirable interactions.

What issue MeetnGreetMe explains 

Today travel can be scary experience, tedious and extremely generic. MeetnGreetMe associates universal explorers and neighborhood individuals to convey customized approach and convey genuine feelings of serenity to each voyager earlier and amid their outing. 


Consolidating boosted shared cooperations and progressed examination we go for delivering exceptionally customized, conduct based offers to profoundly change a procedure of arranging and organizing travel related assignments and exercises. All together it will add to MeetnGreetMe extreme objective – to help individuals from around the globe travel cheerful, appreciate individualized experience and feel welcome wherever they are. 

WelcomeCoin – WEL 

WelcomeCoin is sponsored by genuine MeetnGreetMe administrations. It implies that WelcomeCoins accessible available to be purchased are straightforwardly associated with the quantity of administration hours which can be procured on the stage. WEL is significantly more than only a methods for installment. It's a basic piece of MeetnGreetMe logic of remunerating group and giving back for the commitment. Inside the MeetnGreetMe environment WelcomeCoin can purchase what cash can't.
  • Value Exchange
    MeetnGreetMe participants will be rewarded with WELs for the value producing actions.
  • Toll
    MeetnGreetMe charges MeetGreeters commission fee from transactions. In future p2p transfers will be supported as well with a minimum fee to execute it.
  • Function
    WEL serves as a reword for any actions connected with enriching user experience.
  • Right
    WelcomeCoin holders can be invited to participate in voting on certain questions and policies.
  • Currency
    All the travelers can pay their MeetnGreeters for services in WelcomeCoins. Initially it will be possible to pay for MeetnGreetMe services in WELs and fiat currency.
Earn Coins
  • Deliver MeetnGreetMe services;
  • Engage with the platform;
  • Create and co-create value on the platform;
  • Invite new MeetnGreeters and Guests on the platform;
  • Introduce new partners who can be of a value for travelers;
  • Train community of MeetnGreeters;
  • Refer MeetnGreetMe to friends;
  • Share information about MeetnGreetMe in the social networks, blogs etc.;
  • Help to curate the platform;
  • Rent your profile space for advertisement.
Spend Coins
  • Pay for MeetnGreetMe travel concierge services with a discount;
  • Advertise on MeetnGreetMe platform (on a profile, on a city page, on a blog);
  • Pay for the partners’ services with a discount (transfers, accommodations, experiences, events, tickets etc.);
  • Support creators and co-creators;
  • Thank for a delivered value;
  • RSVP the closed parties;
  • Vote.
More Info : 

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