ESR WALLET - Pay With Cryptocurrency Anywhere

ESR WALLET - Pay With Cryptocurrency Anywhere

What is ESR WALLET ?

ESR WALLET The ESR is an e-wallet innovation that enables regular individuals to effectively store, exchange, spend, and put into digital currencies. 
The startup answers the essential needs of its future clients by: 
Beginning with the mission to empower clients to spend cryptographic forms of money wherever cards are acknowledged – both on the web and in-store, the stage will supply physical cards, much the same as VISA or MasterCard accessible. Before long, clients will have the capacity to trade their cryptographic forms of money to 8 noteworthy monetary forms! All while getting a charge out of the capacity to utilize the ESR prepaid card in more than 120 nations. Different highlights incorporate the moment trade of cash between wallet clients – through the application. The stage will offer this at the most reduced conceivable straightforward charge.

ESR Wallet established by SERGEY SLASTIKHIN, previous co-proprietor of Paytoo, an e-Money organization that has been working in the USA since 2005. He unites with abilities, for example, Oleg Gerasimov, Arkady Khokhlov, and Vitalii Kirillov – originators of the IT organization Fast and Shine included on Forbes' TOP-25 of the best establishments. The organization actualizes IT arrangements in the administration part. 

ESR Wallet takes it much further… At the last and most energizing stage, the stage will permit clients the likelihood of utilizing digital money based charge cards, money back highlights, and the capacity to open a venture portfolio oversaw by an accomplished broker. The last stage — Trust Management subsidize, will be completely set up by August 2018.

About ESR Wallet

ESR Wallet is developing a platform that will transform the cryptocurrency industry and create financial incentives for its users.
ESR’s mission is to develop a universal wallet with a full range of banking services and 20% per annum rate for deposits in any cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrency becoming a bigger part of the economy at a faster pace than expected, it is one’s first concern to be able to manage and spend them, just like USD, EUR, and other currencies. Technology and finance are more than ever intrinsically linked and we won’t be able to move forward in the cryptoworld without platforms such as ESR Wallet.

Token Sale 

ESR token is discharged based on an e-Token contract. The stage has set the greatest number of tokens at 10,000,000 and all the unsold tokens are singed after the crowdsale. You can take an interest in the token pre-deal on means of the Orderbook gadget beginning on September 25th 

Every ESR Token equivalents 10 dollars, and the base venture is set at 1 ESR Token. Each financial specialist who has purchased more than 10 ESR token amid Pre-ICO and ICO period will get a for nothing out of pocket customized multi-cash prepaid card. The ESR tokens are accessible at a half markdown amid the Pre-ICO period

Payment Procedure

As indicated by the Charter, 
"toward the finish of each quarter 30 percent of benefits from the installment and credit benefit, ESR Wallet is exchanged to specific wallets, after which BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DASH, LTC will be appropriated among ESR token-holders according to the terms and states of the brilliant contract. Benefit picked up in USD and EUR will be changed over at ESR Wallet showcase cost as of the date of dissemination of profits in ETH and exchanged to the applicable wallet.".

ESR is advised by the brilliant ANDREY ZAMOVSKIY, founder of Ambisafe, who has been involved in the cryptocurrency development since its early beginning and OLEKSII MATIIASEVYCH, who helped to save $1.4 Mln worth of Ether during the Parity Ethereum wallet attack.


  • Wallet basic functionality
    e-wallet registration, binding of VISA/MasterCard virtual or plastic card already exists and is being tested.
  • $3M Own exchanger
    through which users can instantly exchange their cryptocurrency for fiat money.
  • $4M Credits and deposits
    a) This system will determine the credit rating of a user and create personalized offers on credits, taking into account all risks.
    b) Deposits up to 20% per annum in any cryptocurrency.
  • $5M Confidential management, trading
    resources will be necessary for creation of a strong team of traders able to manage funds effectively and to offer users passive income with minimum risks.
  • $7M Cashback
    creation of a partner network consisting of the world largest online stores, networks of public catering, gas stations and other popular consumer services for implementation of Cashback system.
  • $8M Merchant service
    Nowadays there is no easy-to-use service, capable to process payments in cryptocurrencies, and there are already several hundred thousands of platforms all over the world that accept payment for their services through the website.


What makes this Project a success is the team. The ESR wallet is led by two narrow specialists in the fields of fintech and blockchain, as well as by managers with great managerial and organizational experience in building international companies.

We are one of the few companies that withdraw funds not under projects that are disconnected from reality, only on paper, but for the finalization of existing prospective services already have a client base.

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