Peer Mountain is a trust market that connects identity owners with service providers

Peer Mountain is a trust market that connects identity owners with service providers

What Is Peer Mountain ?

Peer Mountain further provides users with ownership and control over their identity that is cryptographically safe. It is an end-to-end application ecosystem that facilitates the trading and secure exchange of digital and physical services.

PEER MOUNTAIN is the first mobile distributed trust system and Decentralized Protection Trust, Peer Mountain also uses cryptographic protocols to enable people and institutions to create and own trusted recordings that include digital identity, trust relationships, and activity proof. Even the most sophisticated centralized data storage and transmission methods are vulnerable to outside attacks.

We have additionally filed emblems for Peer Mountain and Peerchain ™ brands underneath EUIPO 017282931 and 017350182. this can be our intention to unleash the Peer Mountain consumer SDK for golem and iOS as open supply and to open the Peer Mountain Attestation Engine SDK supply. we have a tendency to additionally will send the Peerchain Protocol ™ to the RFC to develop open standards that may be used as wide as potential in any economic context.

Peer Mountain is additionally a peer-to-peer answer that provides you management, personal and secure. you will use your persona to conduct business and sign wrongfully binding documents, documents that fits ZertES9. Peer Mountain is hospitable any service supplier. you’ll be able to directly access the services from security sources, and review all the services you consume simply anytime, anyplace Your primary key’s RSA 4096-bit keys.

Peer Mountain further gives users more ownership and control over their secure cryptographic identity, offering an end-to-end application ecosystem designed to facilitate trade and exchange of digital and physical services. It facilitates trust and sharing of secure information with independent parties across a wide network while maintaining traceability and compliance at the end of each data transference. Peer Mountain is the first decentralized peer-to-peer trust. The market that connects the identity owners with the appropriate service providers, and opens new paradigms about how and where individuals and organizations do business.

At a a lot of abstract level, the scheme permits people and firms to affirm facts concerning themselves et al., and to prove (ie verify) the assertions. this is often be} terribly valuable for monetary establishments as a result of it can considerably lower the price of putting in shoppers in accordance with grasp Your client (KYC). This paper discusses this within the Peer Mountain section of KYC and Compliance. For organizations in sectors apart from monetary services and markets, Peer Mountain will|can even|may also|may} offer sizable price as a trustworthy fact-based platform (eg workers will state that they’re sick and 60 minutes can prove this when confirmative a doctor’s certificate).

Ecosystem participants ar solely known by their public key (similar to however Cryptocurrencies work) and may assume some personas, that ar basically public keys derived from their key roots. Personas ar helpful for interacting with several external parties and cling to totally different necessities and necessities. as an example, an individual is also a student and a bank shopper. In general, universities need a set of knowledge that’s totally different from the set needed by the bank. However, once applying for a loan or grant, a student might not need the university to understand that they’re a specific bank shopper. By exploitation totally different persona (ie roles), students management their privacy.

Decentralized Trust & Protection:

Even the foremost advanced centralized information storage and transmission ways ar susceptible to outside attacks. corporations ar searching for cost-efficient, compliant ways that to shield their customers’ personal info.

Peer Mountain facilitates secure transactions between individuals, businesses, and governments, while maintaining privacy and preventing data exposure to third parties.

The world is growing in deeper data accessing data and documents that are their identity through distributed ledger technology. Last year saw the number of successful offers from teams that developed the platform for self-identity, most notably Civic2. There are also many new and established offers in Know Your Customer (KYC), identity verification, and trust space, including Mitek3, Jumio4, AriadNext5, WorldCheck6, KYC37, and LexisNexis8. Now is the right time for the existing ecosystem in various platforms and entities while satisfying. Peer Mountain provides the full potential of this emerging paradigm.

Peer Mountain uses blockchain technology to supply people and organizations fully, securing their identity holdings, and for the first time, enabling people to share their information with organizations and every different place securely. Peer Mountain facilitates the rapid delivery of services through its blockchain framework. Identity may be the core part of Peer Mountain, but this can not be linked in Nursing. Peer Mountain identity platform is Associate in Nurse application schemes designed to facilitate trade and exchange of digital and physical services.
Private Organizations that use Peer Mountain may use delegates to demonstrate ownership and management. Peering mounts will then provide a verifiable record of those facts that may be shared with the organization or person who should be the most famous. Certain agencies, such as business registration or trade authorization bodies, may apply approval machines to validate this fact.

High Scalability :
Because of their consensus mechanism, blockchains require higher data throughput. However, blockchains do not have the capacity to handle large transactions simultaneously.

Peer Mountain enables secure and transparent service segmentation across blockchain deployments. This means an organization can deploy services that require a high volume of real-time transactions on a deliberate Peer Mountain block, while applying the rest of their services to the common Peer Mountain block.

For example, a bank can run separate instances for demand deposits, certain types of credit cards, and car loans. This setup divides cross-case transaction volumes, enabling banks to achieve higher cross-services cross-throughput data, as well as cross-sample data compatibility. This means that banks can use information from customer credit card documents in the form of car loans and checking accounts.

Safe Transaction Without Compromise :
Peer Mountain individuals and their organizations can safely share information using any application in the Peer Mountain ecosystem. By connecting sovereign identities and organizations, Peer Mountain creates a safe and efficient marketplace in different entities operating in the global economy.

Efficient clear Transactions :
Latency in communication between blockchain node nodes as a result of building agreement within the chain limits its group action capability. this implies that blockchains don’t appear to be ready to method group actions at the speed needed for large-scale transaction process systems.

We have taken Associate in Nursing innovative approach to beat this limitation. we tend to believe that blockchain doesn’t ought to operate globally in each attainable node. In distinction, Peerchains ™ will co-exist and work harmoniously, every that specialize in a bigger a part of ecological trust.

Each Peer Mountain operates Peerchain ™ that we are able to use for every service supplier, regulator, auditor, and trade watch cluster or shopper protection cluster. Anyone WHO desires to review chain integrity will access the publically on the market chain soul.

Think of Peer Mountain as a real mountain with a wary border guard around it. Each Peer Mountain user has their own “bank safe” filled with safes hidden inside these mountains. They can insert copies of their documents into different boxes with special keys. Each button is unique and users can share it separately with entities they trust. By using this special key, this entity can access the user’s safe and get the information that has been shared with them, and nothing else. If the user decides to revoke access, the document vanishes from the drawer and the key in the modified drawer so far is possible under the law governing the business relationship. Further access to Peer Mountain is only by invitation.

Activities are pseudo-anonymous and private. With Peer Mountain, you use different people to interact with different entities, so your activities with one entity remain completely separate from interactions with others. Not only personal data, interactions are also private. Of course, you can choose to share it later, but the choice will still be yours.

Token Sale : 

The public token sale will start once the pre-sale PMT tokens have been allocated. Stay tuned!

Tokens will be distributed to buyers after each round is completed. Tokens will only be transferable after the token sale closes.

  • Smartcap™ (ETH to raise) : 39,488
  • PMT price post token sale : 2,917 per ETH
  • Total PMT distributed (Round 5 full) : 130,771,392
  • Total fixed amount of PMT : 326,928,479 (40% of total supply to be distributed during token sale)
During the Peer Mountain token sale, you will experience a number of important innovations: we are debuting our Smartcap™ algorithm to optimize the ICO and match tokens sold with demonstrated demand, and we have committed to the ICO Charter standardising EU token offerings

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