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Having no place to relax, especially when you are stranded in an airport or forced to endure long hours of waiting for connecting flights is burdensome. You might be running late for a scheduled appointment or have work to do or just want a private place for your own but you have no choice but to stay in the busy airport terminal along with so many other people. Or you can have the choice of availing the Airport Lounge Membership Program which can set you back a hundred dollars at least. Either way, the options you have are not really good or economical. These reasons urged two friends, Grega Mrgole and Mihael Meolic to conceptualize an idea that will be a haven for people who want to make good use of their airport waiting time. They called this idea AirPod.

So, the AirPod Or Airport Sleeping Pod is a sleeping pod that will be put into public places such as airports, bus stations, hotels, shopping centers and other public places for people who are looking a place to relax or works comfortably and privately while still in the middle of a public space. The AirPod team decided that airports should be the first venue for this project because these are the places where most people would want to have a private and relaxing place of their own amidst the bustling and noisy airport environment.
This pod offers an anti-stress program which consists of sound, visual and scent relaxation effect inside. Unlike ordinary chairs from the usual airport terminal, this pod has some really cool features like a secure storage for your luggage, free high-speed Wi-Fi connection, Amazon Fire TV where you can watch your favorite movies, speakers that allow you to listen to your kind of music inside the pod, real-time monitoring of your flight status and an alarm clock so that you will not miss your flight. So, this sleeping pod can give total relaxation and convenience to travelers who want to relax or work inside.

For a better perception about AirPod, I’m going to show you a short video about it.

As what I have written above, the idea of AirPod has conceptualized 2 years ago when the two founders Grega Mrgole and Mihael Meolic had a conversation about their bad experiences in airports while traveling.

Mihael was recounting his nerve-wrecking stories while being stuck at the airport, waiting for a connecting flight and he constantly experienced many firsthand rough experiences in his world travel. So after a long conversation, the team conclude that transit passengers in airports are not properly treated. And the only way to remedy the situation is to develop a pod where people can have their own space in a busy, public area which is affordable at the same time. Although there are already some sleeping lounges in airports, the cost of it is too expensive and it may cost you as much as 100 dollars per session while the AirPod offers many cool features at a cheap price of 50 dollars every 3 hours. So that’s what the project is all about guys.

ICO Tokensale and Token Economics

APOD Tokens will be used as a utility token in paying for an AirPod rental although the AirPod will also accept fiat currencies as rent directly because there are still many countries that have not adapted or doesn’t have the means to adapt to cryptocurrencies right now. The team will use the fiat money to buyback APOD Tokens from the exchange market. The only difference of APOD Tokens and fiat is you can get 10% discount on the rent of AirPods if you use APOD tokens.

APOD token holders can also make daily passive income by putting their tokens into the DAPP Platform, a sponsorship or profit sharing platform wherein token holders can have a share of the profit made by AirPod rentals.

The Pre-ICO will start at the designated time. The team is just waiting for the market to recover because the market is all red now: Bitcoin down to $7100 and Ethereum down to $400 dollars! The whole cryptomarket is very bloody.

The team has allocated a total of 200 Million tokens for the whole token sale. All unsold tokens will automatically go back to the team. When the token hits the exchanges, the unsold tokens held by the team will be put into the exchange market for a fixed price of $2 each, which is 20 times higher than the ICO price.

The total supply of APOD tokens is 250 Million and there will no new APOD tokens will be issued or produced in the future. This is to maintain sustainability and high value of the token and that is a good thing for APOD Token Holders.

For the token allocation, 80% of the tokens will be available for sale at $0.10 or 10 cents in USD each token. That is the 200 million allocated token number for the crowdsale I mentioned earlier. They have a $ 2.7M million soft cap and $20 Million Dollars hard cap. The soft cap is small which is great.

The AirPod community manager stated that the cost of each AirPod is around 8000 – 9000 Euros and that includes delivery costs. They have guaranteed their investors that they can make more than 100 AirPods for the soft cap alone. The production of the AirPods will solely depend on the money raised in the ICO.
Let’s continue with the token allocation. 12% of the tokens will go to the founders and 1.2% will go the advisers so a total of 13.2% goes to the team and advisors which is a quite big base in my criteria. But overall for the token economics, I’m good with it because aside from their plan of putting the unsold tokens for a fixed price of $2 in the open market, they are also going to buyback APOD tokens from the exchange.

The AirPod ICO has very high hype. Their Facebook community has 11,000 likes. The Twitter community has more than 7,000 followers while the Telegram community is at almost 8 000 members. I’m confident that this ICO can easily surpass its soft cap base on this hype.

The AirPod ICO has an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 16 experts in ICOBENCH which is very promising. They are given this rating based on four criteria namely Team, ICO Profile, Vision, and Product.

Core Team and Advisors
The core team, led by its founders Grega Mrgole and Mihael Meolic, is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, industrial designers, engineers, and marketing professionals. The company has been registered since 2015 at Briston.
AirPod advisory board has few of the big names in the blockchain industry. They have 8 advisors right now consisting of a travel advisor, a business advisor, a legal advisor and 4 elite well-known advisors from blockchain. They have advisors like Nathan Christian and Vladimir Nikitin which belongs to the top 5 most successful advisors here in ICO Bench.

Project Development
In a conversation with the community manager, he told me that the AirPods are still in its prototype stage right now but the production of AirPods will be accomplished right after the ICO. The installation of 100 AirPods to different airports or public places will be in the first quarter of 2019. Around 3rd quarter of 2019, they will start to introduce the DAPP Platform for token holders and it will be fully usable in the first quarter of 2020.

The idea of AirPods is very revolutionary as I’ve never seen anything like it before. The potential of this project is very big since there are billions of people from around the world who travel and stay in airports every day. When it comes to token economics, I love their plan to buy back the tokens to maintain the high value of it. And when it comes to competition, I don’t see any competitors as of right now and that’s what makes it very unique and appealing to me. This is the first startup company that has thought of this idea. The only risk factor of this project is that it is not suitable for people who are looking for short-term investment because it will take at least a year for the 100 Airpods to be installed in airports but overall, still a good project that people should take a look on and invest for long term.

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