SprintX: Create an independent community using blockchain technology for businesses


Sprintx is a platform for entrepreneurs and the development of new business ideas, which will unlock the market potential of cryptocurrency with the support of SwitchX as a multifunctional exchange with debit card access.

Sprintx introduces a new stage of support for entrepreneurs and the development of new business ideas, which will open up potential markets for cryptocurrency and its various functions.

The SprintX platform will have a variety of features such as:
Accommodate new ICO development.
Automatically combine these ICO tokens to ExchangeX Exchange.
Participate actively in the launch and promotion of any ICO.
Platform to generate Smart Contracts.
Automatic Development of Smart Contract on Ethereum blockchain.
Private suggestions.
Access to Digital Strategy.
Special advisers in various fields of ICO.

Mission & Vision

Build Smart Town that serves as a technology center for Startup that allows the tools and financial entities necessary to launch their own ICO and convert their crypto currency into a fiat currency

Create an independent community using blockchain technology for businesses
innovation to improve people's lives.

SprintX Ecosystem.
To communicate our vision, we must think about the combination of SprintX - SwitchX - Fundación NOVA as the whole ecosystem. One that interacts with others and who seeks profit from investors, companies and Startups.

The SprintX ecosystem will compute with the following components, each designed to meet the needs of our clients and to solve specific problems in today's Startup and Finance industries:

How does the SprintX Ecosystem Work?
Each component of the SprintX ecosystem is an independent entity that will work in a lasting partnership for mutual benefit and each will have specific goals for the type of support offered for each Startup:

Will manage the ICO aspects for all Startups and analyze whether ICO is feasible and appropriate.

Fundación NOVA
It will take each Startup to NOVA Campus which is an Intelligent City designed specifically for business and technology development to grow their business in that location.

Will be the bank behind our operations and will manage the financial and regulatory aspects of our funding activities on a global scale.


SprintX Coin
With the aim of enabling ICO, SprintX will make Intelligent Contracts responsible for capturing all funding and assigning its users to the company depending on their contribution to ICO.

SprintX Smart Contract Security will be determined by:
Smart Contracts will be reviewed and audited by our advisors, who are experts in their field. In addition, there will be a link on our website where you can publicly find it on GitHub, so smart contracts can be verified by its users.

PRE ICO: 186 550 000 SPTX will be sold with a 30% Bonus and will be available from 19 March to 10 April 2018.

ICO: 723 450 000 SPTX will be sold at a regular price and will be available from 23 April to 23 June 2018.

Further information :

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