VEXANIUM - Decentralized Marketing Revolutionary Platform


Revolutionary VEXANIUM brings coupon and voucher industries in on-chain. Blockchain-based ecosystems created by VEXANIUM certainly bring solutions to the major problems facing the promo industry today. VEXANIUM will revolutionize the promo market with its liquidity and decentralized nature, surely its presence while introducing a wave of retailers and new users into the blockchain era. The founders of VEXANIUM have previously built and sold the largest voucher and voucher platform in Indonesia, Evoucher Indonesia with more than 2 million active users for almost 7 years to realize that blockchain can solve the fundamental problems of the promo industry.

VEXANIUM was created to disrupt the global promoting marketing industry by developing a decentralized marketing ecosystem, of course to create rewards and platform vouchers with two goals:

The first goal is to bridge off-chain to on-chain at retailers and consumers, while also serving users who are already in on-chain.
The second objective would be to revolutionize the vouchers and vouchers industry by solving major points such as low economic value, liquidity, and redemption.
Another ability of the VEXANIUM platform is to provide an Airdrop solution to address the soaring demand from the blockchain business to reach the target audience. And ultimately, VEXANIUM enables a wave of new retailers and consumers to enter the era of blockchain, while also providing the most effective way for businesses by using blockchain technology and expanding reach.

Excellence Vexanium

1. Platform Voucher
Allow offline, online and onchain businesses to create campaigns and acquire new customers and reward them using VEX tokens. It also allows the creation of vouchers that consumers can buy with VEX tokens. This will be facilitated via the VEX web and mobile apps.
2. P2P Voucher Exchange
The VEXANIUM stock exchange enables consumers to trade vouchers and set prices according to their own set price.
3. Cryptoexchange integration
The VEXANIUM application has integration with selected cryptoexchanges, it is certainly for users to directly trade the balance of VEX tokens on the exchange.
4. Airdrop Platform
Allow blockchain companies to create Airdrop campaigns to gain new customers and reward existing customers, using VEX tokens.

Vexanium's Partnership Strategy

1. Achain
Vexanium uses Achain blockchain technology. What is Achain?
Achain is a public blockchain protocol with capabilities that allow developers of all levels to issue tokens, smart contracts, create applications, and blockchain systems. Achain builds a global blockchain network and facilitates the exchange of information and value transactions. The Achain blockchain platform is recognized as Blockchain 3.0 with security, speed, and scalability. The speed is 1,000 TPS (Transaction Per Second) with relatively lower transaction costs and this is certainly suitable for building the Vexanium ecosystem.
2. Partnering with Tokenomy
It should be noted that Tokenomy is one of ICO's cryptocurrency exchange and launch services. Tokenomu is more focused on underserved and growing markets in Southeast Asia. Tokenomy lets anyone easily turn offers into blockchain tokens for crowdfunding, community commendation, donation tracking, or other necessities. Tokenomy's goal is to create financial inclusion and make it possible for anyone to connect with alternative funding networks globally. Tokenomy's role certainly helps VEXANIUM access to 1,000,000+ potential investors and traders. Once verified and reviewed as eligible projects, VEX tokens will be listed in Tokenomy after platform launch.
3. Kcash Wallet
The Kcash wallet is certainly very necessary for ICO candidates, and of course also must understand what is Kcash. Kcash is one of the multi-chain wallet apps for China's first digital currency, and is the world's first hybrid purse to support on-chain and off-chain. Kcash supports BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, Achain and thousands of digital currencies under the platform of smart contracts Ethereum and Achain. The Kcash wallet delivers secure digital money storage, transfers, red packets, asset gains and other digital currency management functions and easy financial functions through an on-chain and off-chain account.
The option of partnering with Tcash allows the VEX token to be stored in a secure wallet during and after the token sale but also grants access to the VEXANIUM platform.
4. PundiX
It is also important to know the partners of VEXANIUM, one of them is PundiX. PundiX is a provider of point-of-sale cryptocurrency solutions for retail stores that want to receive cryptocurrency in Southeast Asia. PundiX allows stores, cafes and convenience stores to sell cryptocurrency to consumers and builds on the success of Pundi-Pundi, which is the most popular QR code-free payment application in Indonesia.
5. Ralali
VEXANIUM cooperates with Ralali, Ralali is the leading online B2B E-commerce market in Indonesia. Ralali is one of the fastest growing companies with the provision of various products. The VEXANIUM partnership with Ralali makes it possible to access thousands of merchants.
6. Cashtree
Partnering with Cashtree, and Cashtree itself is Indonesia's leading advertising platform and has over 12,000,000 users. Cashtree will be VEXANIUM's partner to get users in the early stages of the VEXANIUM platform.

Token VEX

A total of 1,000,000,000 VEX are published. VEX Tokens issued as ATP Standard Token 1.0 on the Blockchain Achain Protocol. ATP 1.0 is a standard token used for smart contracting on blockchain Achain.
Allocation of Token
  • 40% available for token sales
  • 15% is available for initial investors and advisors
  • 20% available for VEXANIUM foundation
  • 15% available for team
  • 10% available for user incentives
Funding generated from ICO will be allocated as follows:
  • Research and Development: 30%
  • O2O Offline and Marketing: 50%
  • Operational: 10%
  • Other: 10%

    VEXANIUM Video Introduction

Token Sales

  • Receive ETH for VEX tokens in Sales Token, 1 ETH = 20,000 VEX and 1 ACT = 10 VEX
  • Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH or 18,000 ETH + 2,000,000 ACT
  • The sale of Token shall expire, if it reaches one of:
    • Total fund collected: 20,000 ETH before the end of public sale date May 16, 2018
    • Total funding of more than 10,000 ETH at the end of the date of public sale, May 16, 2018
  • If ICO does not generate 400,000,000 VEX, the company has the right to use the remaining tokens for the second phase of ICO. The token price for the second ICO will be greater. VEXANIUM management has the right to terminate ICO, if this decision is taken, all ETH funds will be refunded.
  • Pre ICO will start on April 9, 2018, and ICO May 16, 2018.

Appeal to ICO participants

VEXANIUM is built on the blockchain Achain, then to all potential participants to start making Achain wallets, and of course later will be used to receive or store VEXANIUM tokens (VEX). Achain Wallet, can be used in several versions, desktop and mobile versions. Achain wallets you can download directly on the site Achain is
For use of mobile version, Kcash wallet can also be used by downloading it directly through Kcash site or directly download it from Google Play store for Android users.

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