Volans ICO

Introducing to you Volans project — The Best Decentralized Financial and Credit Payment System.
OverviewVolans is a cryptocurrency financial services company, which operates using Blockchain.
The cryptocurrency market is rapidly growing, contributing to the usage of Blockchain technologies in new unknown ways. Our product aims to meet this demand of creativity and introduce revolutionary ideas to the quickly increasing cryptocurrency market. You can learn all the details by reading this document.
The Volans platform enables Users to make instant transactions, including paying bills and making purchases with their cryptocurrency assets.
Market DescriptionIn the modern economy, digital banking has become a necessity as it simplifies and speeds up the exchange publicly accepted units of account, known as money, for goods and services.
However, for the last 8 years one of the leading positions in the economy and finance has been taken by cryptocurrencies. The first and the most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, that plays the role of an absolutely decentralized payment system, which does not depend on intermediaries, such as banks. Also, this payment system doesn’t need any guarantors, that emit circulating medium such as coins or paper money.
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allow you to get rid of dozens of inconveniences of using a fiat money such as:
  • The instant transfer of liquidity is very difficult; the customer must use pretty expensive services such as Western Union. Furthermore, this type of money transfer often needs a client’s personal presence, that makes this method extremely inconvenient;
  • International wire transfers are made mainly through the international payment system Swift. It is cheaper than the transfers mentioned above, but this type of transaction has processing time up to 3 business days;
  • The Central Bank has the full and unrestricted right to establish all the parameters of the financial system, including the emission of the additional liquidity; therefore, the residents are exposed to high inflation risks in case of an unpredicted and unexpected cash emission

Problem DescriptionDespite all the advantages of cryptocurrencies compared to fiat money, today cryptocurrencies are mainly used for speculative purposes. That means, that the investors try to earn money on the jumps of cryptocurrency price, but do not use cryptocurrency as a payment item. Therefore, we can observe high market volatility and unpredictable price changes.
During the period from September 2017 to February 2018 the monthly volatility of Bitcoin price was 50% and higher. We consider that to be the main factor, that prevents cryptocurrencies from becoming a totally accepted international payment item. Also, cryptocurrencies are facing legal barriers and bans in many countries.
The Volans team considers this situation to continue in the next 10 years, but the cryptocurrency market capitalization is supposed to increase annually.
These forecasts are confirmed by the world leader in

Consulting and audit Deloitte. According to their research, the cryptocurrency market capitalization will reach 10% of the world GDP by 2022.
The classical banking system is obsolete. It is slow, expensive and extremely inconvenient, especially for international transactions. Furthermore, there are so many intermediaries in the chain. By comparing the main differences of the centralized and decentralized approach, you can see the significant advantages of using cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology for developing a financial and credit payment system with advanced contactless payment technologies.
THE PRODUCTAs stated earlier in the oveview, #Volan is a cryptocurrency financial services company, which is based on the Blockchain technology.
All transactions inside the Volans platform are commission-free and instantaneous. Transfer from the module, which implements a cold storage of cryptocurrency assets to debit or credit card Volans occurs through the Blockchain technology. Users pay only a commission fee to miners, who process the transactions.
Moreover, users can save and transfer their assets to other users’ cold wallets without commission and in a few minutes. The recipient can also exchange received asset to any other currency, including fiat money or move it back to a cold storage to ensure the highest level of security and anonymity.
Volans Wallet
Volans Wallet enables users to:
  • Create several cold wallets with different currencies;
  • Import other wallets by entering an encrypted private key or directly scanning a private key;
  •  View the current price for the assets in dollar terms;
  • View the user’s portfolio which displays information about personal funds according to the current exchange rate.

Why Volans conduct the Token Sale
The Volans payment system collects funds for a full-fledged launch of the platform and entering into the existing market. The Volans Company has issued Volans (VOL) investment tokens for this purpose.
· Issuance of VISA / MasterCard virtual cards linked to the system account;
· Instant reloading of a cold wallet by VISA / MasterCard card in any bank in the world;
· Instant transferring of funds from a cold wallet to a VISA / MasterCard card;
· Creation of a public loyalty program for Volans users.
Monetization of the Volans project will be achieved through commission fees from some users` payment transactions such as buying and selling of cryptocurrency assets in exchange of fiat money and transfer of the cryptocurrency assets from the Volans Wallet to the Volans Debit card.
With the steady monetization of the project the instant transactions between Volans debit cards, usage the contactless payment technology, payment by Volans debit and credit cards online, all these transactions will remain for users commission-free.
Tokens VOL are equity tokens of the Volans Company. These tokens ensure that all token holders receive a part of company`s profit during the reporting period.
VOL is a token issued by Ethereum platform and supports ERC-20 standard. This standard ensures that the integration of this token with exchanges and other services will not be more difficult than for any other tokens, released on the Ethereum platform. There will be 19 600 000 tokens released during the Token Sale. All unsold tokens will be burned and not be generated again.
Token Distribution

According to the solution, found by the Volans Team, the process of dividend distribution to tokenholders is based on the current tokens distribution between investors at the time of adding the Report block to the Blockchain.

Dividends are paid to tokensholders only at the addresses in the Volans Wallet and can be transferred to any other cold wallet or instantly converted to fiat money via Volans Storage. All tokenholders` dividend payments will be carried out in ETH.
At the moment Volans management is negotiating a permanent legal registration in Estonia because the country’s government is liberal to similar companies and partnership programs with banks are the most convenient. The tax burden in Estonia is 20% and is carried out only with the profits distribution and dividends payment.
The company’s profit after the collection of taxes will be:
According to the smart contract, 25% of the profit after the collection of taxes will be distributed among the tokenholders. Thus, the total dividends will be:
Profit per 1000 tokens:
The details of Volans Token Sale
VOL will not be generated after the end of main stage of public Token Sale or the Hard cap will be reached. If the Soft cap will not be reached during the main stage of public Token Sale, the funds will be returned to the investors. Tokens reserved for founders and team will be blocked for 1 year for a further development of the platform.
Q3 2017
Jul — birthday of Volans project idea; analyzing market needs; target audience research
Aug — first early investments in MVP — 200.000 USD;
Sep — building a prototype of Volans platform interface;
Q4 2017
Oct — start of platform development;
Nov — launch of international marketing; MVP alpha-testing;
Dec — developing the Blockchain technology of the project; analyzing the first results of MVP alfa-testing;
Q1 2018
Jan — creating a smart contract; the PreSale announcement; launching the website; the Whitepaper is available to investors;
Fab — running the first platform module — iOS app;
Mar — start the PreSale of VOL tokens; presenting the project to the tokenholders;
Q2 2018
Apr — running the second Volans Wallet module; launching the Volans Loyalty Program; adding support for replenishment / withdrawal of fiat funds; 17
May — main stage of Token Sale; developing Android and Web applications;
Jun — legal registration in European Union; working with opinion leaders;
Q3 2018
Jul — extending the functionality of the Volans Wallet; adding support for instant transactions without commission fee between users;
Aug — announcement of the algorithm for calculating the user`s credit scoring based on the Blockchain technology; release Android and Web applications;
Sep — the first issue of virtual and plastic cards;
Q4 2018
Oct — launching contactless payments with NFC technology;
Nov — released Apple Pay и Android Pay for online payments;
Dec — the first payment of dividends to investors;
Q1 2019
Integration with third-party services and merchants;
Q2 2019
Unlock 12% of tokens.
For more info about the project, join any of the following links/channels below;

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