GLITZKOIN – first diamond blockchain


What is Glitzkoin?

Integrating the latest blockchain technology into the diamond industry supply chain. Changing the landscape of the $90 billion Diamond Industry, one diamond at a time.

  • Cutting out the middleman
    Establishing trust directly between buyer and seller by removing brokers and middlemen.
  • Decentralised storage of records
    Paperless records and attributes of each diamond are securely stored on the blockchain.
  • Eliminating Fraud
    No chance of product misrepresentation, and fraudulent transactions.
  • Seamless cross border transactions
    Enabling international transactions by removing currency conversions and other bank fees.

The diamond industry has existed as a separate industry for more than 100 years. Despite its development, huge investment, it also has some problems. For example, for several decades there is a need to ensure greater transparency and objectivity. The trust between the seller and the buyer of expensive products will increase. The developers of the GLITZKOIN platform are confident that the Blockchain technology and the implementation of the cryptocurrency into this sector will bring the diamond industry on a new level.

Service features GLITZKOIN

GLITZKOIN is an innovative platform created for a diamond trading. Thanks to using of cryptocurrency, transaction participants will appreciate the simplicity of financial calculations. The developers will pay special attention to the security and transparency of operations. These parameters will be provided by Blockchain technology. The GLITZKOIN platform also guarantees quality connection between the seller and the buyer of diamonds. The geographical position of the participants will not matter.
The GLITZKOIN platform can be useful for many participants of the diamond market. The benefits of using this platform can be obtained:

  • Mining company’s;
  • Retailers, consumers;
  • Diamond product certification centers;
  • Professional diamond polishers.

If GLITZKOIN team will be able to attract all the participants listed above, users will be provided with the maximum simplicity, efficiency of transactions. All data that will be used for work within the framework of the platform will be securely protected. Service developers pay special attention to privacy.

Advantages of the GLITZKOIN platform

The GLITZKOIN service will have many advantages that are guaranteed to attract new users. Experts will use blocks that will be resistant to hacker attacks and it will protect data. In addition, trade secrets, features of transactions will be encrypted and securely hidden from the eyes of competitors. Among the most significant advantages of the GLITZKOIN platform are:

  • Convenience for all participants: GLITZKOIN will integrate seamlessly into applications and existing business processes. Special technical knowledge will not be needed to work on the platform;
  • Maximum network security: the supply chain at the GLITZKOIN site will be perfectly safe. All untrusted members will be removed from it;
  • Access to transaction history: records of transaction history will allow customers to prove their reliability and demonstrate a worthy place in the rating;
  • Possibility to use third-party offers: GLITZKOIN will allow companies to create individual supply chains quickly. Data about the sender and recipient will remain protected.

All agreements, transaction history will be stored in the block chain. It will be possible to create a completely transparent register of the history of the diamond trade. The concluded contracts will be P2P-based. This will allow traders to make profitable investments in the purchase of diamonds.

Elements of the platform GLITZKOIN

The full operation of the platform will be ensured by several elements. The first of these is the GLITZKOIN wallet. Thanks to it, users will be able to control the available tokens, as well as get acquainted with the history of transactions. Sellers will also be able to see cumulative payments and other important information. Another important element is the API. It provides users with access to different types of services. You can perform the necessary actions through a personal computer, laptop or mobile phone. Thanks to the GLT crypt, a new standard of quality for trading precious stones will be established. Buyers and sellers of diamonds will receive their benefits when working at the site GLITZKOIN.


The sale of GLT tokens is carried out from March 16 to June 25, 2018. During the sale, the rate will be as follows: 1 GLT = 0,2 USD. To purchase tokens GLT needs to be put in the right amount the crypt BTC or ETH, XLM. The minimum purchase amount is 100 USD.

How the GLT token will be distributed

Road Map

  • Q4 2017
    Initial Spark followed by Background Research
    Development of Initial Concepts and Diamond Industry Outreach
    White Paper and Design Prototypes
  • Q1 2018
    Project Scope, Token Use Case Design and Token Economics
    Core Founding Team on Board
    Company in Stealth Mode & Registered in Estonia
    Website and Technical Architecture
  • Q2 2018
    Launch of Public Token Sale
    Conclusion of Token Sale and Distribution of Tokens
    Diamond exchange development
    Start global marketing effort
  • Q3 2018
    GLT token listing on crypto exchanges
    Beta testing of diamond exchange platform
    Development of Global Diamond Track & Trace System
  • Q4 2018
    Decentralized Exchange Deployment
    Global Diamond Track and Trace System Deployment
    Bug fixes and Enhancements to deployed systems
  • Q1 2019
    Adding more features/tools to GlitzKoin diamond exchange
    Continued marketing to increase GlitzKoin awareness
The GLITZKOIN project is very promising-this is my opinion. After all, the diamond industry regularly brings a large income, replenishing the Treasury of different countries. So, its development will be carried in future. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in ICO GLITZKOIN. If the guys from the team develop the site in accordance with the roadmap, the price of the GLT token will grow in the near future. On the official website you can find all the latest information.

More Info

btt username : iwanofc
address eth : 0x170D89f213EDa7404B9d102A73f3fb94f779233F

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